About Our Study

Thank you for volunteering to take part in the MK-7264 chronic cough study and for making a contribution to medical research. As you continue your participation, it is important that you attend all study visits and take your study medication as directed. This will help the researchers see if the study medication that is being investigated is safe and effective.

Your participation in this study will last for up to a year. It is important for you to be able to remain in this study for the full 52 weeks. If you have any concerns about your participation for the remainder of this study please contact your study staff immediately.

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Clinical research studies may help researchers find new ways to help

Why are Clinical Studies Important?

Clinical research studies may help researchers find new ways to help prevent, detect, diagnose, or treat diseases, syndromes, or conditions. Clinical research studies may include the study of:

  • Investigational drugs or new combinations of drugs
  • New surgical procedures or devices
  • New ways to use existing treatments to relieve symptoms and/or slow a disease from getting worse in people with illnesses

What is a Placebo?

Some clinical research studies are placebo controlled. A placebo-controlled study means that one group of patients will receive the investigational medication, while a second group, often known as the control group, receives something called a placebo.

A placebo is something that looks like the investigational medication, but it does not contain any active medicine. Some participants may be assigned to receive a placebo. Not all clinical research studies are placebo controlled.

Why Do We Use Placebos in Clinical Trials?

Placebos are used in clinical trials to help evaluate the effect of the investigational medication on participants. One group is given the placebo while the other group is given the investigational medication. The effects on both groups are then documented and compared to see the action of the investigational drug in the study participants.  The placebo group provides a baseline with which to compare the treatment group.

Placebos have been used in clinical research for many years. During this time study doctors have observed that some patients may start to feel better even if they just believe they are receiving the investigational treatment. This is called the placebo effect and can happen to anyone participating in a clinical trial.

Placebos help study physicians see how much of the effect patients have when they take the study drug is not just due to the placebo effect but actually due to the investigational treatment.

The use of placebos in clinical trials is important in determining if the investigational medication is both safe and effective. All data that is collected in a clinical trial, even from those patients that are on placebo, is important.


Clinical research studies provide an opportunity for researchers to study potential new treatments

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Why Clinical Trial Participation is Important

Clinical research studies provide an opportunity for researchers to study potential new  treatments. The data that is collected throughout a clinical trial may be used to show that a study treatment should be approved and available for use in the general public. Staying in this study until your participation ends (52 weeks) allows the study team to collect all the data that is needed so that perhaps this treatment can be provided to others with chronic cough in the future.

What Should I Do If I Have a Question About My Participation in a Clinical Trial?

If you ever have a question about your current participation in a clinical trial, or are experiencing any side effects, contact your study physician to let them know any concerns or questions you may have. If you are unable to attend one of your study visits, please contact your site to let them know and ask for their flexibility in scheduling your appointment. Your study site is there to provide support to you.

Your continued participation in this trial allows our study team, including our chronic cough specialists, to continue monitor your chronic cough and overall health throughout the trial.

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There is currently an unmet need for new treatments in chronic cough

Why Should I Consider Continuing Participation in this Clinical Study?

There is currently an unmet need for new treatments in chronic cough and your participation is extremely important and recognized by our study teams. Your willingness to participate for the entire length of the trial allows our study team to collect the data that is required for our study. We sincerely thank you for your decision to take part in this important clinical study and we thank you for the time you have given to help us perhaps bring a new therapy for the treatment of chronic cough.